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We’re a manufacturer of professional scissors for barber & beauty salons. We’ve been producing professional scissors for about 16 years and our company (Unison Co.,ltd) became independent 8 years ago. Unison Co.,ltd is a small but fast growing company!!! Our company is in Tsubame city, prefecture Niigata. Tsubame city is the most famous city in Japan where a lot of high-quality steel and high quality products has been producing for a long time. That’s why our products have many merits than other makers. We’re producing a lot of various kinds of scissors: Cutting & thinning scissors, long size & mini-scissors, scissors for professional hairdressers & beginners, for left-handed etc. All of our products are produced from a steel alloy, the high-quality steel with different anti-corrosive metals, which was done thermal treatment All of our products are handmade out of 100% Japanese steel. When you buy (purchase) our products, you are guaranteed to have better work for you and more satisfied clients! All of our products are of the highest quality. Guaranteed! Follow up service!! We’re skillful craftsmen who use only Japanese material and don’t use machine to produce scissors.

Company’s motto:

1. Original design 2. Sharpness of the edges 3. Individual care for every client. 4. Scissors production that accedes to your request 5. Follow up service, guaranty of the quality Day and night we work hard, so you could always use only the sharpest tools of the best quality. We care that your client is satisfied. We produce and sell professional scissors for beauty salons. In the assortment of our products you will find the scissors that are perfect for you! And your clients will be pleased by the design. We devote our energies to the scissors production to be able to use scissors that always cuts, to give feeling the satisfaction, and to offer scissors with which work becomes happy and make an effort day and night.

Are you using “dull” scissors????

Did you know that using a dull scissors makes you put more pressure on your hands and fingers (there for you get sore neck and shoulders), but it also damages your clients hair (uneven cut and split ends). The haircut done with dull scissors (scissors of poor quality) looks uneven and does not satisfy. Think of your clients! Use scissors of high quality!! Sharpen scissors at least every 6 months. Even when you think your scissors are still sharp, that might not be true. As soon as you have to put more effort in to haircut you are already damaging your client’s hair! And your success depends on your clients!


All of our products are forged and hand-made! We have lots of merits from other makers, at first, we use 100% Japanese steel which is produced at only several places in Japan, one of them is our area / Niigata. All stages of production, including finishing polish and assembly are done in Japan.


Second, we always make new products with famous Japanese stylists who help us to make the newest products, the first in the beauty world!


Third, we make OEM products so it means that we can do different designs and print any logo / marks! Let us make the best scissors for you! We guarantee the high quality of our products, and we’ll do after care service. Please let us know if you’re interested in barber’s scissors. We’ll arrange any samples for you! Waiting for you soonest reply! Have a nice day and good luck everybody! UNISON Co., Ltd



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